Oxyvino Wine Aerator

oxyvinoOxyvino is a completely in-the-bottle aerator that is mechanically inserted into wine bottles after filling and before capping using automation equipment.

  • The aerator rests completely inside the bottle neck. There is no interference with the capping process or existing closure designs.
  • The consumer simply opens the wine bottle and pours. There is no consumer interaction with this product.
  • Oxyvino is an inexpensive mass produced injection molded plastic part that meets all requirements for wine contact.


Key Benefits
  • Brings a unique wine tasting experience to all consumers
  • Opportunity to strengthen consumer loyalty
  • Increases recognition of the brand
  • Potential market share increase
  • Each wine bottle has its own built-in low cost aerator
  • Seamlessly aerates by mixing air into wine while simply pouring
  • Oxyvino is available for all screw cap wine bottles

Oxyvino is offered to the wine industry (closure manufacturers, bottlers, and bottle manufacturers).

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