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The insertion of the Oxyvino aerator is done after filling and before capping at the bottling location. The automation machinery is provided by us and built specifically for this product. We have been making machinery for the cap and closure industry since 1991.

The Oxyvino In-Bottle aerator is an exciting new concept for Wine and Spirits. There are a number of potential users for this product.

13Wine Producers and Bottlers – Oxyvino produces a noticeable change in the wine that customers will appreciate and enjoy. Differentiate your wine from the ocean of bottles at the store. It’s not just a new pretty label that sparkles, Oxyvino does actual work in improving the perception and taste of your wine.

d8zGXBbN6xt5BNIyhy0CbVMiMB_NoJoEvbR98IzS2CoClosure Manufacturers – For companies that already supply caps and closures to the wine industry, what better compliment for existing products than Oxyvino. Increase sales to existing customers is easier than
finding new markets.

14Bottle Manufacturers – As for closure manufacturers, what better compliment is there for a glass or plastic wine bottle than Oxyvino? Increase sales to existing customers.


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